A visit to Raleigh

April 27th, 2008

On Sunday we went to my friend Todd's dad's car show out on his property in Durham. A lot of vintage and sportcar enthusiasts showed up with their fancy cars - what a hoot!

yay, T Hoff!

We all milled around looking at the neat cars.. here is Tanya taking a photo while Buck and Morgan wish they could drive these around. There was also a model plane show with flying miniature planes and a '50's style diner complete with a soda fountain. We were so glad Todd invited us to come to his dad's annual show!

Here is a lineup of several of the cars.. there were maybe forty cars to look at in all this time; a lot of people were afraid to take their fancy cars out of their garages this year due to the threat of rain...

When I returned to Hickory, this is what I found in
the front yard... my beautiful dogwood tree had split in the rain! Oh, well. Glad I got the photos of Winnie with the blooms in the week or so before.

Here is Bryant's mom demonstrating her unique method of cleaning the house while she is babysitting. We all knew she was inventive!


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