Winnie loves to play with her books - and especially this soft "Itsy Bitsy Spider" one from Ann. Many thanks to Ann for this take a look at those thighs. She makes me feel really thin.

On Friday night, Buck and Tanya invited me to go see Radiohead in Charlotte with Bart, Kara, Sue and some other friends of theirs.. what a blast. We had "pit" seats, which meant that we were about six people from the stage. Here's Buck after being talked into taking a shot with Bart..he only made it through half of the shot - and notice Bart hasn't taken his shot yet. Poor Buck.

We also took some time out on Saturday morning to see our Uncle Scott and Aunt Linda in Charlotte - and our cousin Billy - we haven't seen them in so long! What a great visit.. I went to grab Winnie first (she had stayed with my friend Tonya, see below) - so they got to meet Winnie, too.

Thank goodness for Tonya and her shocking red hair! Winnie was lucky enough to get to spend the night with Tonya and Teresa so we could go to Radiohead! I am not sure Winnie has been that spoiled by anyone else lately!! New toys, new socks, an entire palette of playthings for herself, PLUS dachshunds for her to watch and be amazed by... Winnie heaven.

When we returned to Hickory we were excited to see Sharon and her terrific daughter Caroline - here's Sharon trying to support Winnie's considerable weight. The weather was nice enough for us to sit in the yard and enjoy the grass and birds... and many thanks to Sharon and Caroline for the great baby book (and my magazines!!!).

The flowers in the yard are in full bloom.. what a glorious spring we are having.

Miss Caroline the Great playing with Winnie... first Caroline got ahold of the baby, then put Tilly in her place with her trained commands, then chased Ariel around the yard, then decided to let the cat out of the house and played outside with her a while, then.....

...decided to play dress-up with Winnie - in a size 2 (toddler) dress... which, amazingly enough, almost fit Winnie already. Is that surprising? Winnie loved it and loved her visit with Caroline and Sharon, too...

Hooray for Aja! She always saves the day. She came over Sunday afternoon to help out with Winnie so that I could get a few things done around the house. Winnie isn't sure who Aja is... she has blond hair, smiles a lot, loves on Winnie.. is that MOM or what??? Many thanks to Aja for the amazing lily for Mother's Day. Winnie has adjusted to several babysitters lately - Deepa, Kristi, Tonya, Gina... you name a friend, she's been there. I owe a lot of folks good dinners!!


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