flashback to 2015..

Princess party, thanks to Gee, November 2015

yikes!  three months later, still traumatized... 


at Lake Norman with Tracy, chillin' on 
the island...

A famous rock star visits Ballantyne for Halloween

my first pumpkin... and .. a volunteer? really? Where's the beanstalk?

Buck's first oil painting, for realz

Chico comes to town

Dad as a kid, far right.  Note overkill with belt and suspenders.

pre-pre-pre-teen exasperation and attitude

Paradda at the art museum, working hard to figure out what IN the world

no fence, wide expanse!!

Hanging at Tracy's digs..

the patio... a work in progress

Tru and Winn doll up

Kevin is always a great host


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