Sentences from Winnie, age 21 months:

"I want to get down now." in the car, waiting for me to unload her at daycare

"I don't want it!" anytime you try to put her shoes on or make her take a bath

"Where's Gee's car?" usually pronounced "ah Gee car?"

"I love Daddy"

"Come on, Ariel. Follow me" with "come on" pronounced "hamman"

I can't believe she's almost two. She is moody but almost always in a happy mood, and she loves people - she'll even tell you that. Her favorite food is ice cream, and she watches one tv show, which she adores (Yo Gabba Gabba). She loves to dance and watch birds, and we sleep in the tent outside one night per weekend, usually. She wears a size 7 shoe now and still carries her blanket, which she also sleeps with, when she doesn't feel well. She can list the people she loves and will even surprise you with people she mentions - and her memory is fantastic.



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