photos from late Aug '09

This hairdo couldn't be ignored.

Winnie gets tired of my camera.

out on the pontoon

Winnie playing in the tall grass..

Bele Chere with BP


No one puts Winnie in the corner; she sits in the middle of the room to read!!

Mom teaching Winnie how to wash dishes

yes, they're singing.

this was jagermeister night

playing golf at Buck's

Winnie feeling down in the dumps off and on in Asheville...

Ariel and Tilly watching Winnie and BP at the park. Early August

at the pool with Aunt Tanya

one of the many birdhouses at Buck's place

Tanya's new antique handmade ladder

yes, they even have fruit-bearing trees


Winnie and BP at the Shindig on the Green, mid-August

running through Buck and Tanya's yard

mid August

relaxing with Buck

Winnie helping Cindy during museum show set-up.

I had to baste this silk jacquard from maybe the late 1800's onto cloth to get it hung.


Grace Chapel - Dudley Shoals


the pool at the Grove Park Inn


the Volvo evolves


Unknown said…
She is so wonderful! And the show looks like it was beautiful. Wish I could have been there to cheer you on!

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