May Days

A lot of afternoons Winnie and I sit outside and enjoy the weather with the dogs.. she can sit on her own now and usually sits in the Moses basket Aunt Grace gave her... if she tips over she is excited to feel the grass -

And then there are the times when she falls asleep in the basket... ah, the life.

Kristi gave her Mr. Bob Dobolina (the brown dog), whom I've renamed Mr. Brown Dogolina.

On Saturday, May 24th we headed down to Stanfield to visit Brent, Krista, Liam, Annelise and Ella... here is Brent holding Winnie at the campground on their land.. it's on the Rocky River and is a fantastic playground for children and adults, too!

Winnie thought Brent was a hoot!! She showed off.
Where is Krista? How did I manage to not get a single picture of her? Next time!

On Sunday morning we had an amazing breakfast of venison and pork sausages and coffee- many thanks to the Barbee and Naujoks gangs for showing us such generosity and a great time.. Winnie and I both experienced camping in a tent out by the water for the first time.

Here's Brent with his precious little Ella. She is two months older than Winnie and has a head full of brown curls.. her favorite trick is the "crazy baby" trick, where she shakes her head back and forth like a kook!

Oh, Ella, will you be my friend?

Maybe, let me think about it.

Winnie experiencing watermelon for the first time. Does she know that I ate about one every two days early on in my pregnancy? Only a year ago! Here she is, starting her own tradition.

And Winnie sitting in the tent with her monkey, Pal. She did very well in the tent overnight, and we woke to the birds singing overhead and the sound of the river rushing by. Kathy and Dean brought their gorgeous child Krista (the first time I've seen her in person!), and several other friends of Krista and Brent's were there.. a good time was had by are some of the children coming to see about Winnie and her toys. Annelise is the amazing blonde, and Rose has the beautiful long, red hair.


Tanya & Buck said…
Oh my gosh... that last pic of her in her gorgeous hat looking at the dog is FANTASTIC! I love it. Of course, I love all pics of Winnie... :)

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