Thanksgiving 2014..

Thanksgiving 2014

at Buck's
with Trouble.

Thanksgiving at Buck's 2014 with Troublemaker..


My favorite neighbors

Tish's granddad's gas pump
now minus face.
this photo was probably taken in 2014...
now the gas pump is gone altogether.

Wilson's Creek

art from the most beautiful girl in the world

Another beautiful girl- Barb ties the knot!  :-)


Winn begins with Cherokee... fitting.

I know a lot about the Norman people, although I lived among them only briefly: two days to be precise.
For instance, if a Frenchie at the coast believes with any degree of certainty that you were possibly trying to throw up on him or her, especially if aforementioned female is pushing nine months, you may end up almost going to jail.  Especially if the night manager bangs on the door repeatedly for upwards of eight minutes and screams at a fair volume considering her stature - - and you cannot work their funky door handles. 
Note to self: sue the hotel in Normandy because that doorknob ultimately resulted in a tremendous amount of personal distress.  And you could burn to death in that place! 
Note to self: hotels on the Norman coast have thinner walls than one may initially think. 
Note to self: write that day manager and tell him he is NOT suave NOR should he further entrust the safety of his clients to crazy, short witch-women with long black hair who cannot speak their own language well enough to communicate with a lady who'd had several years' worth of French classes.

. did I publish this one already?  Winnie's first day of kindergarten
with her cool backpack from Terri!!!  Thanks to the max, Terri!
At Topsail  2013

my own commercial for Steak and Shake

rage against the machine

 Anabelle and Sue get into cake on the big birthday- :-)

Winnie fools around with Pressly - what in the world?


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