from the Fall of 2012

At Hart Square
Oct 27 '12

At Meg's wedding
Allyson, Julie and Tanya ham it up at the rehearsal

Meg's wedding dress - awesome! Made from parts of
her mother's wedding dress "upcycled" into a new dress -

Buck and PJ at the rehearsal dinner

at the park

lining up the rocks in the driveway

We made a sign for Halloween in case we couldn't watch
out for Ty- the cutout pirate who would guard over our candy dish.
It said, "argh! don't swipe all me booty!"
We didn't end up using the Tyrate.


building a jack-o-lantern at her
HMS Fall Festival

Ulrike works with beads


Ulrike, Marie and Winn at dinner

learning about video games at Sophie's party

with Chastity, riding Cherokee



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