more holidays go by


two girls just chilling

Well, the time goes on by.  Winnie is in the 80th percentile in height and weight for her age, at almost 4 feet tall and 45 pounds or so.  Her new best friends are Lily S and Olivia A, and she is really enjoying her new school.  She is expecting a new cousin any day now, and the family is very excited.  Winn can read better than she lets on but lacks some self confidence.  We have dropped dance class because of the time constraints, so I try to occupy her time with playdates here and there.  Today we went to the Resource Warehouse and made crafts with Karla and Lily after playing lunar putt putt in the mall, which was new to me. 

Winnie misses her friends from her old school, and she misses her neighbors, who've moved away.  We adopted an old black lab, "Old Dog", who paces the floors when we're upstairs and barks if we sit on the sofa.  We don't see my family often, but she sees her dad and his family several times a week - so we spend a lot of time together - arguing about Disney Channel.


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