Don's doggy




Winnie can read better than she lets on.  She says she needs glasses because she likes how they look on people.  She can jump in the water over her head and swim to the side of the pool, and she can do the backstroke like no one's business.  She is taking beginning ballet and tap - and the triple threat, which is singing, acting and onstage dancing - and horseback riding - out past Morganton and also in Maiden.  Her favorite movies are Corpse Bride and Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, although she hasn't watched the Bollywood lately. 

She loves her cousin PJ and loves to spend time with all of her family, both sides.  She frequents the beach with her grandmother and loves to go to church with her, too.  Her favorite place to go is out to the countryside, where we search for tadpoles (and hold them), jump on the jumpoline, watch for deer, shoot off firecrackers and tend the garden.  Her friends Olivia, Blair and Noah meet us out there sometimes. 

At night we generally read two or three books, and we look for new ones all of the time.  We stay up too late every night reading, but we love those books.  Many nights I catch her in her room with the lights off, holding her Glowman up to her book and looking at the pictures by the blue or green light.  Every morning we fight like cats and dogs to get out the door on time; we hardly ever get into the car without tears or arguments, but we never keep fighting - the ride to school always consists of apologies and gearing up for a good afternoon attitude.  What a circus. 

When I picked Winnie up from school yesterday, she was holding a handwritten note that said,
                                                       "I love Lucas. Winnie" 
Then she gave it to him.  Her neighbor friends Michael, Haydon and Peyton have all moved away, so she is lonely much of the time.  We have taken up riding our bikes down to the park in the afternoons, now that the weather is letting up some.   

Mom and Fran came to visit two weeks ago and had her hair chopped off quite short.  The texture is changing- it's getting thicker, like her Gee's.  I reassure her that her hair will grow back, and it will grow back longer and thicker.  I hope it will have some blond curls a little longer when it grows back out. 

I can't believe the summer is coming to a close already.  She will be five in the Fall, and what a ride it's been already.     


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