Yuletide Spirits



Look at my hat!!

Sue-Sue and Gee at the party - Winnie gets jealous.

Tish and her children at Winnie's birthday party -

Brent and Krista and the children visit Asheville with us -

visiting Dad and Dara in Asheville


Winnie's birthday cake with Foofa on it...


one of Winnie's first unprompted attempts at art around the house..

Buck and Fran at the Grove Park

Grove Park Inn for Thanksgiving


apple picking farm with Fran

Valdese showtime party


snowy day at work

my favorite snowy picture... nope, not hurt after all...

our snowman likes Clutch, too

reading outside despite the snowy day

I love this stylish dollhouse! So does Winnie.

Christmas morning, exploring...

the holidays at the Pierces' home

with Uncle Morgan, Christmas in Raleigh

at Sammy's birthday party


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