One of the most important things to record about Winnie is how she talks; I have some video footage of her singing "Old MacDonald Had a Farm" - but here are some other things she says a lot-

"What's that making noises?" pronounced "wassat makin noises?"

"That [dog, cat, etc.] is my favorite."

"I wanna watch Gabba minute." - granted, she's been saying that one for months - nowadays, it could also be Olivia, the other show she watches.

"I up!" or "I wake!" especially after mentioning a nap

"Wanna lie down with me?" or "Wanna read with me?" or bathe, or nap, or walk, etc.

"Mommy, you go!" or "you lie down!" as she pats the bed beside herself.

"I don't know" or in a sentence, like, "I don't know wassat making noises."

"That's my Gee" or anyone I name, basically. Everyone is hers.

"Happy Birthday to Winnie!"

That child can talk. She turns two in one week. I can't believe it. Indeed! Happy Birthday to Winnie!


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