birthday parties, weddings and more...


Winnie sliding at the September party in Stanfield..

Krista and the girls at the fest -

Beautiful E at the September party


Winnie eats cake, doublefisted -


the pumpkin with the most character

Dara sings Itsy Bitsy Spider with Winnie...

Winnie and her nana share moments, October 17th

the girls: large, medium, small
birthday celebration, Asheville

Winnie, Morgan, Mom and Fran at the State Fair; Winnie's first visit

Sharon and Scott off in the distance, after the ceremony.

I was spying from the balcony. Great wedding!

the photographer is taking wedding photos

to the right - out of frame

Winnie is entertaining herself - and me

they catch on to her antics...

my dear Gabriel!

Winnie makes a funny face at Gab, Oct 25th

white orchid at Gab's digs

pics of Buck and Tanya's wedding (late) to follow.....


Tanya & Buck said…
Those wedding pix with Winnie 'on the sidelines' are amazing. :) Fabulous. Love 'em. :)

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