The Heat of Summer

catching up on photos...

Winnie's "Bobby" and "Gee" and BP and Uncle Jeff (and Tilly) in the Pierces' front yard... ah, summertime.

my summer yard in bloom


Easter - thanks, Kristi

late May with the chucks on

Winnie at the park with Tonya and Teresa.


first trip to the library


danger, Will Robinson!!

ummmm...the beginning of the dress-up fetish

hopefully the culmination of the dress-up fetish

Winnie's favorite pasttime with one of her favorite people

watching another one of her favorite people plant peppers

Zack and Ann at Showtime

Happy 40th, Zack!

spying on Emma's yard..

Winnie plays dress-up again on the back porch...

chilling at Brian's in Noah's sneakers...

Winnie climbed into her highchair by herself and was shouting, "Eat, eat!" I walked in and grabbed the camera and she did this...Weds, June 17.

June 18, Thursday. Today Winnie took her first grown-up style shower and also learned about watching for the garbage man, although he never came to our side of the street. It's mid-June and she's a year and a half old. She can count now - well, up to six. And she points to things as she counts them, so I think she understands a little about the concept. She loves Lowly the worm and Eloise still.


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