words, words, words

With the loss of the camera after Buck's wedding, I have no new pictures or videos to post. Winnie has learned so many new words that I can't help but try to list at least most of them; here are the ones I can think of right now.

words Winnie can say (with some variation in some cases):

hello (clear as day)
cat (pronounced "dat" or "kak" sometimes)
blanket (pronounced "blank" or "blank-kek" usually)
swing ("wing")
Gee (hard G - name for her grandmother Pierce)
Poppy, which has now become
Bobby - usually spoken in the same tone as when her grandmother calls to him
Nana (for my mother)
Ariel (pronounced "A-OO")
daddy ("dah eee")
Buck (also used when calling Morgan or sometimes other men)
shoes (shoosh)
socks (shocks)
dog (sometimes "gog")
ball (of course)
book (of course, again)
bye, bye-bye
baby (referring to herself or other children)
necklace (pronounced with a series of interesting sounds that hardly involve the letter "s")
eyes ("eyeth" or "eyesh")
doot (Alex's word for 'nose')
Tilly (pronounced "lily" again, but she knows who it is)
uh uh
down, get down
please ("peesh" and this is rare - she usually takes)
there you go ("dey toe")
thank you ("dat too")
more (with sign language, too)
juice ("dooth")

animal sounds she can make:

arf arf, woof woof
quack quack (accompanied by hands-in-armpits "wing" dance)
moo (said once)
grrrr (bear or lion)

words she understands but doesn't repeat yet:

bed, go to bed
get dressed
let's go!
almost any command or request that involves an object nearby, especially if you tell her the color

rock-a-bye baby (she makes rocking motion and holds her hands to her chest)
dance - and she will, boy
crazy baby (shakes her head around; thanks to Krista's baby Ella, where I first saw this)

ice cream
be careful
O's (Cheerios)
brush your teeth
brush your hair
get dressed
is your diaper wet? ("uh uh")
bring me
go get
I need

Winnie will point to her chair if you ask if she's hungry, and she'll run to the door if you ask if she wants to go. She can turn on the computer and the clock radio, and she can make the phone do things you didn't think it should do. She loves on the dogs and the cats she can catch. She will lean in toward you and kiss you if you're lucky. The daycare says she hugs all of the children, and she's fascinated by other children and babies. She will pick up anything (or nothing) and pretend she's on the phone, carrying on conversations and babbling along. She often reads her books upside down. She loves to climb up and down short flights of stairs and steps gingerly off curbs. The doll stroller is used for toting clothes, books, shoes, whatever, and occasionally the doll. When I told her she didn't have a doll in the stoller, she pointed to the images of Barbie on the stroller's seat (I stood corrected).

She grabs Ariel's leash while she's in the stroller and "walks" her along as we walk with the dog. If I turn up the radio, she runs to me with arms outstretched to dance with me. She can keep a pretty good rhythm on her own, too. She is a good companion around the house and tries to help vacuum and mop. If you ask her to wipe her nose with the tissue, she knows what to do. She sometimes covers her mouth when she coughs. If we pull into the Pierces' driveway, she knows where we are and generally shouts "Bobby?" or "Gee?". If you tell her to love on Tilly or Ariel, she leans over and rests her cheek against the dog and says "awwwww", which is invariably what people say when they see her do this. If you pull the plug when she's in the tub and doesn't want to get out, she'll replace the drain cover and go back to playing. She can eat with her spoon or fork pretty well, and she can sometimes handle a regular cup (but it gets away from her sometimes, too).

Last night in the middle of the night I handed her a sippy cup with milk in it, and she got ready to drink out of it and accidentally bonked herself in the head with it. I said, "Donk!" and we both laughed. It became our joke and for the next hour (off and on from four a.m. 'til five-fifteen) she would bonk herself in the head, and every time I said "donk" we'd both die laughing. At one point she leaned over me and I gently smacked her noggin with mine and said "donk" and she laughed even harder.
Ahhh sleep....



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