Jingle Bells

Tanya and Buck's Christmas tree, 2006

long ago and far away...

a pre-holiday visit with Uncle Buck

going for a ride in the warm hat

early morning blanket love

more blanket love with a grin

Santa who?

tired of waiting for Santa...

On Saturday, January 18th, Mom and Morgan came to town and Buck and Tanya drove down the mountain to visit. We all had some ham sandwiches and caught up on life, laughed a lot and tried to make Winnie, who'd been sick all week, smile. She never lets us down. Smiles all around, and thanks to Tanya for always bringing good nature and surprises to the show

As usual, Tanya brought gifts - a real soccer jersey from her travels to Peru for Morgan (and thanks to Buck for drinking enough beer to not fit into it)... a little book for Winnie and bibs, too.. and a book on how to feed toddlers, which Mom and I both could take a few lessons from. At one point I caught Mom giving an entire full-sized Butterfinger candy bar to Winnie, who had peeled that thing like a banana and was NOT going to give it back.. so much for homemade orzo and healthier fruits, etc. from her RESPONSIBLE grandmother. Nevertheless and as a direct result, Winnie has much more use for my mother than for her own.

Morgan sporting the new jersey... Mom trying on her gift from Buck: the Grove Park Inn fleece that she will later put on the floor so that her dogs will have a comfy place to lie down... ah, frivolity.

Mom decided Winnie needed a fort in the living room. Winnie agreed.

And the holiday beat goes on...


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