Four Teeth Now! I can bite you.

Hot summer days... Winnie sitting outside at almost eight months old.. she loves the screened-in porch...

Night night

July 12th, 2008

Tonya came to hang out!

Pirates of the Crib-ean

Her new trick... phooey on vegetables!

Mom came to visit the weekend of July 19th, and Winnie always thinks she's a hoot.

Mom devised the "hat" out of the coffee filter top - Winnie obviously thinks she is a hottie in it.

Mom standing in the kitchen with some nice socks on, and Winnie playing with Teresa's hair -

Winnie's mobile - early morning - Monday, July 28th.


Tanya & Buck said…
Hey girl! Get on it!! I need my Winnie blog fix! :) I need my Winnie fix, period! I miss her- and you! I hope we can get together soon...or if you need some babysittin', let me know! :) Love y'all... and put some new pictures up! STAT!

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