Five Months Old!

Winnie grabs her feet when you're trying to change her... very entertaining for her and not quite so entertaining for us anymore... but we're glad she is so happy about those feet!

Tinkerbell, Stinker, Turtledove

Winnie can grab the ornaments, grab her toys, put her feet in her mouth, roll over, almost sit up by herself, grab the spoon from your hand when you're trying to feed her... she's a mess.

if I sit here long enough maybe they'll forget I'm out here and let me roll around in this grass

She had her leg through the frame and I found her reaching with all of her might for this card on the table.. I stood and watched her until she was basically upside down (she is strapped into the seat). She looked at me and started crying-- and then suddently didn't look so much like a Sumo wrestler.

on Bryant's birthday (April 24th) he was leaning over the side of the crib to love on her. She would grab his hair and squeal her "Happy Birthday" at him -

Friday, April 25th. Winnie in her "I'm cooler than you are" jean jacket from Tanya and her "I told you I'm cooler than you are" embroidered vintage hankie from Cynthia..


Tanya & Buck said…
Oh my GOSH, that one of her leaning over to grab that card made me laugh out loud- a lot! :) I love the pix on this blog-- you rock for keeping up with it so well! I have some awesome pineapple shots to send your way, when I get some free time! :) Lots of love from Aunt Tanya!! :)

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