Her First Three Months

Winnie was born on Thanksgiving Day -
We were so grateful to have a healthy baby.

Here is Winnie's doting father Bryant feeding her in the hospital. She looks just like him and will probably be just as tall. Hopefully she'll be athletic and have his great personality, too. One thing is for certain, she has Bryant's father's eyes.

Here is my brother Buck when he came to visit at the hospital. He couldn't figure out why Winnie was so red - and his most notorious question about newborns in general was, "Well, why doesn't she have any teeth?" He thought she looked pretty odd without teeth, and we had to convince him that she would have looked much stranger with teeth.

Here is my mom and her best friend Fran after Winnie's Sip-n-See at my friend Cynthia's house. When Mom wasn't loving on Winnie and socializing, she was test driving my friend Julie's car - and subsequently bought it. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!!

Fran and Mom need to come visit more often! Unfortunately they live in Raleigh and Edenton, so visits are few and far between.

This party was December 8th - Winnie was only two weeks old! A lot of my friends turned out for the event - what a great way to welcome the baby. Many thanks to Cynthia, Maida, Ann, Kristi and Karen for throwing Winnie such an amazing tea party!

Just take a gander at the gorgeous bow on this cake! Unfortunately it tasted as great as it looked, so the extra pounds were not racing to leave my frame -thanks a lot, "pals" -

Several close friends traveled from Charlotte - and one from Charlottesville, even - for the event. Thanks to Krista, Dee Dee and Julie for making the drive. A few other very close friends were not able to make it, and we missed them! Come visit when you can, Allison, Gab and Sharon. Not to mention other close friends who could not make such a long trip - Gail and Victoria.

Here is Winnie at a few weeks old - Her aunt Tanya took this picture while Winnie was looking out the window; the markings on her face are the shadows from the screen. She loves light and

is always staring at anything shiny or bright. I wonder where she gets that obsession!

Ooooh! That's bright!

Winnie and I have made several trips up to the mountains to see my brother Buck and his famous girlfriend Tanya.

Here is Tanya holding Winnie in Black Mountain. Tanya is a true shutterbug, so many of the photos that have ever been taken were done by her. Many thanks to Tanya, too, for helping me document Winnie's early life!

Winnie's uncle Morgan is quickly becoming more and more comfortable holding babies. Hopefully he will be willing to tackle dirty diapers soon.

New Year's Eve in Black Mountain, 2007

She had her new black and red sweater on and was feeling flirty and coy in this shot. For a New Year's Eve, the night was very quiet! Winnie was a very exciting addition to our family in 2007, and nothing will ever be the same. We are so blessed to have this spunky personality in the household.


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